Born under the shadow of Niagara Falls in the Canadian suburbs, Brian began photographing as a teenager. Influenced equally by painters like Goya, Bacon, and Munch as he is by pop culture, his photographs demonstrate an obsession with light and technique. Photographing everyone from street cast models to celebrities and artists, his ability to find an authentic moment with his subject is always at the forefront of his work.

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Selected Clients / Publications


Dr Martens 

L’Officiel Mexico 

Vogue Arabia 

Vogue Czechoslovakia 

Olivia Rubens 

Edeline Lee

Freya Douglas Ferguson 

Hilfreich Jewellery

The Independent Magazine 


RAIN Magazine 

9/10 Magazine 

Valeriane Venance 

The Toronto Star Magazine 


Holt Renfrew 

Commercial portfolio available upon request

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